RACC Election

The 2021 RACC Commissioner election ballots are now open! This year, there are two CRAs running for one open RACC Commissioner position. The results of this election will determine which candidates will join the RACC and help lead the CRA program through 2023. All CRAs in good standing are eligible to vote. The online election is open until December 14, 2020. If you’re CRA, please cast your vote and help determine the future of your CRA credential!

RACC Candidates:

2021 RACC Commissioner (for re-election):
Sandra Phillips, CRA

Radiology Director
Hartford Hospital/Bone & Joint Institute
Hartford, CT

It has been an honor to serve as a RACC Commissioner for the past three years, and I am grateful to be reconsidered for this role on the ballot once again. As part of the RACC, I worked with the other commissioners to improve the study guides having identified opportunities to better align the study content to the exam questions. This improvement has positively impacted the success of our leaders taking the CRA exam. I would love the opportunity to continue to serve so I can help to promote the CRA credential and encourage healthcare leaders across the country to understand the value the CRA brings to their organizations.

2021 RACC Commissioner:
Lisa Wood, CRA

Director Diagnostic Imaging
Hancock Regional Hospital
Greenfield, IN

I am Lisa Wood, Director of Diagnostic Imaging who has been an active AHRA member since 2004! For the past 10 years, I have been proud to be counted among those who are CRA credentialed! I believe my experience on AHRA annual design teams, my work with overseeing the Hancock Regional School of Radiology (a top program noted for high achievement), my service on the advisory board, coupled with accomplishments and experiences as a director of radiology position me to contribute in various ways to help and impact the mission and goals of the RACC! I am excited to be considered for this amazing opportunity! I give you my promise to help further the work associated with this commission responsible for CRA certification. I love the AHRA and have attended all annual meetings since 2004! I would indeed be honored to serve on the RACC and help contribute to AHRA members who seek to achieve their goal of being named among the CRA certified! CRA was a personal achievement for me and I would love to help others with their journey for CRA.

Logging in to vote

To ensure that only CRAs vote, in accordance with RACC Policies and Procedures, the RACC election makes use of AHRA’s log-in system. You will be asked to log in with your CRA account to verify that you are a CRA in good standing (if you are an AHRA member, this will be your AHRA account). You do NOT need to be an AHRA member to vote in the RACC election. To find out more about each candidate, login below and cast your vote!
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