AHRA Leaders of Choice Program

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Full Schedule

Kick-Off Meeting: July 10, 2022 at the AHRA 2022 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ

1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
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Webinar Series
Webinars will occur on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM ET via Zoom as outlined below. All webinars will be recorded and available for online viewing for those unavailable for the live sessions.

Personal Development

September 20th & October 25th
In preparation for an Executive/VP level position with the primary focus on leadership and staff engagement.  Succession planning as a backdrop to staff development programs. Using patient experience and patient surveys as team building tools. Helping managers and supervisors become fulfilled and engaged – ready for more responsibility and for your promotion without leaving a vacuum.

Process Improvement

November 15th & January 17th 
Process improvement and working effectively in the matrix organization. Utilizing a “follow the patient” approach to process mapping, learning from non-healthcare applications. Implementing “lean” concepts and working on projects at each attendee’s location, these will be very interactive sessions working with guest speakers from the program sponsor. Defining goals and objectives; using metrics and analytics to get from the “As Is” to the “To Be”; project management and time management.
Session 1: Develop improvement project plan
Session 2: Improvement plan reports
(Please note that we break for the month of December)

One-on-One with Facilitator
During month six each participant will collaborate with the program facilitator to design/accept their Capstone project, including documenting the three key aspects of any project - the “what”, the “why” and the “how” with the “how” including team forming, goal setting and timelines. 

Strategic Thinking
February 14th & March 14th
Communicating a vision for the future; motivation.  Understanding the Corporate strategic vision.  Contributing concepts and proposing initiatives that grow your personal brand at VP and C-suite level. Enhancing communication skills that increase visibility and credibility, growing your personal “brand recognition”. 

Financial Reporting
April 18th
Financial reports as management tools; business plans; building a capex business case, using “the numbers” as a management tool by understanding variance analysis, trends and “root cause analysis”. Activity based analysis as a business management tool and basis for assessing opportunities for improvement proposals. Capstone project progress reports.

2-Year Planning Working Sessions
May 16th & June 13th 
Two interactive virtual working sessions to wrap the program. Where are you with the 2-year plan that we talked about at AHRA in July 2022? What about the vision for what you’ll achieve and the stepping stones to get there?  Update on working with VPs and the C suite; how are you being noticed?  What about strategic thinking interactions? Let’s talk about corporate goals and vision.  Update on using financial reports as management tools – including any initiatives based on activity-based numbers.  Have you found yourself a mentor, an “angel”, created a personal advisory board?  What about participating in, proposing and/or leading “Community” based activities?  Help and support in keeping on track and maintaining traction. Capstone project progress reports.

Capstone Reports & Graduation: July 9, 2023 at AHRA 2023 in Indianapolis, IN
Details to follow.

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