CRA Testimonial - Paulette Duckrey

When did you achieve your CRA?  Was there a specific reason you took it then? 
May 2013.  My youngest son graduated from college in May of 2013, and I made a promise to myself that I would sit and pass my CRA exam, when he graduated.

Why did you decide to pursue the credential?
It was a personal accomplishment for me solidifying my knowledge of Radiology Administration. This credential meant more to me than a Master's degree. It really established that I am a content expert in the area of Radiology Administration.

Does your administration know about the CRA?
My boss is knowledgeable of the CRA and understands its significance and my HR department has now been informed by myself and my boss about the significance of hiring an Administrator with the CRA credentials. My passing the exam prompted my HR department to add "CRA Preferred" to Director and AVP of Imaging positions.

What benefits have you attained since or due to the CRA credential?
I recently submitted an application for an Administrative Director of Radiology position and one of the requirements was a Master's degree. I am enrolled in a Master's program as of August 2014, but I did not meet the requirement for the job. I reached out to the Human Resources office to explain that I am enrolled in a Master's degree program but that I chose to obtain my CRA credentials before beginning my Master's program, I explained the value of the CRA credential. Based on this conversation, the requirement for Master's degree was changed to minimal enrolled or completion of Master's degree program and CRA preferred. Needless to say, I was able to interview and landed the job.

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CRA Logo Usage

Candidates who successfully complete the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) examination may use the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) logo as a graphic symbol of the individual’s accomplishment. To obtain permission for usage of the CRA logo, review the Guidelines and completion of the Certified Radiology Administrator Program Agreement.