Celebrating 15 Years of Leadership Excellence

On a warm and humid morning in New Orleans in July 2002, over 200 radiology administrators sat for the first ever CRA exam. It was in many ways a leap of faith—faith that this brand new exam would be a fair and accurate test of skills and knowledge in imaging administration and faith that this brand new credential would be worth holding. As we look back over the last 15 years of the CRA, I am pleased to be able to say their faith in the CRA was indeed worthwhile. We are now over 1100 strong, the CRA credential is widely recognized, “CRA- Preferred” is increasingly an important part of job descriptions and job postings, and the exam itself, through 15 years of review and periodic updates, has stood the test of time as the measure of excellence in imaging administration.

Some things have changed, of course, over the last 15 years: back then, the exam was only available in a paper and pencil format and, because comprehensive reference materials were not yet available, the reference list included over 60 different books and journal articles! Now we offer the CRA exam at computer testing centers across the country with multiple date and time options throughout month- long testing windows. Preparing has also never been easier with a set of 5 comprehensive books on imaging administration used to reference the exam and a variety of study aids available to the public. But one thing that hasn’t changed over the CRA’s 15 year history is the great sense of pride CRAs earn in meeting the CRA challenge and holding the distinction of being a CRA. This is something we all share, from that very first 2002 class of CRAs right up to new May 2017 CRAs and beyond.

Please join me and my fellow RACC Commissioners as we celebrate the CRA credential’s 15 years and all of those who have tested themselves against this high standard and earned the right to call themselves CRAs!

Bette Drescher, CRA 2017
RACC Chair
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