Charles Stamper, CRA

 Title: Radiology Administrator
 Organization: Charlotte VA Health Care Center
 Address: Charlotte, NC
There are many reasons that I hold for wanting to sit on the RACC.  Among the top is my desire to see the credential grow, become more widely accepted, have some “teeth” in what it represents and to be a part of that growth.  The other is my desire to be a servant leader.  A leader that can help the association become stronger by being a part of the team that is the RACC. Having been a technologist and administrator for the past 30 years and networking with the upper crust of Imaging leaders through the AHRA I feel I have much to contribute.  I have dealt with the significant aspects contained in the five (5) domains of the CRA and can bring knowledge and real-world experience to the table.

I feel it is paramount that we work together to strengthen the credential so it becomes a requirement for acceptance and employment of future leaders in Imaging.

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