Michael Hill, CRA

 Title: Administrative Director of Imaging
 Organization: Bon Secours St. Francis Health System
 Address: Greenville, SC 

I am very interested in helping to enhance and increase people's education and competency, which in turn, increases the potential of our up-and-coming Imaging leaders.  Helping people along on their career paths has been something I have lived for and started doing while I was a member of the United States Air Force.  Mentoring and building future leaders is my favorite part of my job and I would like to increase my scope.  I currently serve as an advisory board member for a local community college and I am also part of Upstate Mentoring which provides mentoring for children in the middle school years.  Both opportunities have left me "hungry for more" in terms of looking for additional opportunities to impact peoples futures especially in the area of developing leadership abilities.  I am very grateful for starting my Imaging career in the military environment and would also like to help Imaging leaders currently in the military to build competence through the CRA process to better prepare them for their post military careers.

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