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The Certified Radiology Administrator® (CRA) designation speaks volumes about high standards of achievement attained for medical imaging leadership. It is the only professional credential tailored specifically for radiology administrators, focusing on management in human resources, asset resources, finance, operations, and communication. CRAs are quickly becoming the preferred candidate of choice in hiring decisions.


The Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) designation is an advanced certification and a validation of key skills, knowledge, and competencies required and expected of leaders in medical imaging that demonstrates a commitment to quality and value.  As leaders we often work to define quality not only in the service we provide, but also in how our leadership roles are bringing value to our organizations and profession.  The CRA credential was developed in 2002 and remains the benchmark and gold standard for leaders in medical imaging management.  It is a respected and recognized measure of quality.  Earning this prestigious credential is achieved by successful completion of the Certified Radiology Administrator Examination, a rigorous 185 question assessment across primary knowledge pillars or domains.  These domains include Asset Management, Fiscal Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Communication and Information Management. The RACC or Radiology Administration Certification Commission provides very clear guidelines for establishing eligibility and makes available resource materials that not only help in preparation, but also are incredible references for day-to-day work as an administrator. 

Today there are more than 1000 active CRAs.  Top healthcare organizations and HR departments are proactively seeking qualified candidates possessing the CRA credential and are now adding this requirement to leadership job descriptions.  

As a RACC Commissioner and an imaging leader I encourage you to consider the quality investment in yourself and your organization as you map your own value path in the future of Imaging as a Certified Radiology Administrator.  Make this your career goal in 2024!

Kim Evans
RACC Chair

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