2022 RACC Election

The 2022 RACC Commissioner election results are in! Thank you to all CRAs who voted, and to everyone who ran for election. We are grateful for your time, commitment and passion. Join us in congratulating Bill Algee, CRA, FAHRA, Kimberly Evans, CRA, Jose Rodriguez, CRA, and Eric Debastiani for their success in being elected to serve on the RACC!

Bill Algee, CRA

Director of Imaging Services
Columbus Regional Hospital
Columbus, IN

When I first heard about the CRA I really didn’t think it was necessary and was just something to add to my credentials. While looking around at the leaders that I admired I noticed they were all CRA’s. I firmly believe that the distinction of a CRA is one of pride in our profession and shows that you have the knowledge base needed to lead the many facets of the imaging department. When I became the director at my facility one of the first things I did was make the CRA a requirement of the position. I put my job on the line as I had not taken the exam. Subsequently, I have added it to the job description of both of my manager’s job requirements.

Kim Evans, CRA (re-election)

Vice President of Imaging
Christiana Care Health System
Newark, DE

I have worked in Imaging for a total of 35 years, Imaging education for 15 of those years, and Imaging leadership for 19 years. I became a CRA in 2011 and believe in the work behind the credential. A true CRA must possess vast knowledge across our field along with application understanding. I have been an active member in AHRA and have served as a RACC commissioner for the past three years. During my initial term I was involved in developing an outreach communication to promote the CRA credential among our national professional organizations. In my organization I have worked to include the CRA requirement in leadership job requirements. I see the commission as a valuable steer necessary to preserve standards over our leadership credential and the future of CRA’s. I am proud to be a CRA and would work diligently to fulfill the duties and requirements of the role.

Jose Rodriguez, CRA

Director of Imaging Services
El Paso Specialty Hospital
El Paso, TX

I’ve dedicated my time and efforts to the advancement of our medical imaging profession. I strive to ensure current and future generations of technologists have the opportunities to expand their scope and perform to the needs of todays and tomorrow’s medicine. As part of the organization, I strive to continue the same mission for medical imaging leadership. The CRA designation exemplifies high quality leadership within the profession and, as a member of the RACC, I would strive to maintain the high standards that have been established while ensuring the designation meets the needs of the consistently changing industry standards. I feel my past military experience and fresh outlook can be a great value to the commission and its values. I pledge to bring the same dedication to the RACC that I have done for my local and state appointments through communication, continued advocacy, and representation.

  Eric Debastiani- Eric was appointed to serve a 2nd term as Public Member of the RACC