CRA Exam Study/Reference Materials

The resources below may be useful in preparing for the CRA exam.

Please note that none of the resources listed are intended to guarantee a candidate’s success on the CRA exam.

CRA Study and Reference Materials from AHRA
The following information is provided by AHRA as a convenience for future CRAs:

AHRA’s Live CRA Exam Workshop Learn More
AHRA Annual Meeting 
AHRA’s Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) Exam Workshop is designed to facilitate the attendees’ study and preparation for the CRA Exam. The course reviews each domain, or subject area, covered in the exam — fiscal management, human resource management, operations management, asset management, and communication and information management. It focuses on areas to study as well as provide references and direction to other resources. Attendees should use the course to identify their respective areas of strength and weakness. Completion of the Workshop will help channel the attendees in their foundation of study for the CRA Exam.

AHRA’s Online CRA Exam Workshop Learn more
Available online and on-demand. Contains synced audio/slides for each domain and CE exams.

The AHRA Professional Development in Radiology Textbook Series Learn more
• Communication & Information Management in Radiology
• Financial Management in Radiology
• Human Resource Management in Radiology
• Asset Management in Radiology
• Operations Management in Radiology
All 5 AHRA Textbooks – Special Bundled Price

AHRA's CRA Community in the AHRA Forum - Join now! 
This members-only discussion group is for all things CRA and for people studying to become a Certified Radiology Administrator. CRA's are encouraged to join this group to network with peers and to offer assistance to questions raised by aspiring CRAs.

Additional Resources:

The CRA program is developed and administered by the RACC, which serves as a separate and autonomous functional body responsible for the examination and certification of radiology administrators. As such, the RACC does not author or endorse study or reference materials for the exam.

CRA Logo Usage

Candidates who successfully complete the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) examination may use the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) logo as a graphic symbol of the individual’s accomplishment. To obtain permission for usage of the CRA logo, review the Guidelines and completion of the Certified Radiology Administrator Program Agreement.