CRA Exam Dates and Locations

CRA Exam Dates

Application Deadline* Exam Dates
Spring 2024 March 1, 2024
May 1 – 31, 2024 
 Fall 2024 September 6, 2024
November 1 – 30, 2024
*Late applications may be accepted with additional $50 late fee—please contact us for more information.

The Newest CRAs

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Test Locations
The CRA exam is offered at proctored testing centers across the country.
Click here for a current list.

Available exam dates and times will vary by testing center. Approved exam candidates will receive information to schedule their test appointments 30-45 days before the start of the exam window. International test sites are available, additional fees will apply.

CRA Logo Usage

Candidates who successfully complete the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) examination may use the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) logo as a graphic symbol of the individual’s accomplishment. To obtain permission for usage of the CRA logo, review the Guidelines and completion of the Certified Radiology Administrator Program Agreement.