International CRA Exams

The CRA exam is offered to international candidates via the Live Online Proctored (LOP) testing option.  The LOP testing option allows you to complete your examination from your own computer via an internet connection.  If you are considering the LOP testing option, please visit to view a Candidate Experience video.

Important notes about international CRA administration:
  • The CRA exam is written and administered in American English only. Translation tools or materials may not be used during testing.
  • The CRA exam tests standard image management knowledge, tasks, skills, roles and practices in the United States. CRA exam questions may address laws, rules, and/or conventions governing healthcare and imaging practice in the United States. The CRA exam is not modified to reflect practice in any other setting regardless of exam administration location.

CRA Logo Usage

Candidates who successfully complete the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) examination may use the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) logo as a graphic symbol of the individual’s accomplishment. To obtain permission for usage of the CRA logo, review the Guidelines and completion of the Certified Radiology Administrator Program Agreement.